Hello, welcome to my

world of small batch pottery

I am Roberta Hawks, specializing in bringing functional pottery from my hands to yours.

A pottery business was a big surprise to me. I spent 23 years in public education, loving every moment, however after a semester of ceramics, I became obsessed. I loved the endless possibilities of clay.

Without an art background I set out to learn as much as I could about ceramics; the difference between clays, firing temperatures, ways to fire, composition of glazes, glaze application processes, design, transferring design onto clay, and on and on and on. And soon, I was in so deep, I knew I could no longer work from a community studio. In 2012, with support from my husband and cheers from my family and friends, I started Hawks Ridge Pottery, LLC.
My goal is to create functional pottery that you can use daily in your home. It has to be able to withstand the bumps and tumbles of kids, dogs (yes our spoiled wiener dog eats from handmade dishes) crazy uncles, barbeques (remember gathering together??) dishwashers and microwaves.

An additional but no less important objective for me, is to encourage everyone to tap into their personal creativity. Not to necessarily start a business or side hustle, but to open their hearts and minds to the creative muse that is just waiting for us to ask “what if?” Writing, textiles, dance, music, sculpture, photography, calligraphy, woodworking, metal work, paper, whatever it is, embrace, fail, start over, succeed, rinse, repeat. In the darkest of days, it brings light. In time of brilliant light, we can spread this love to others. Find your troop, makers group, art council, tribe. Share the joy.

I find myself endlessly fascinated with the wonderful medium of clay. I am supremely grateful for this opportunity to make pottery for others.




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